MacBook M1 Vs M2 Vs M3 : which MacBook is best in 2024

The innovation of MacBook: M1, M2, and M3

Apple MacBook series has always been a symbol of innovation design and performance also top notch technology after lunching MacBook M series (M1,M2,M3..)It design and innovation goes top and High in case of performance also it set also new benchmark in computing world . we explore the journey From M1 to M3 let’s see what is MacBook M series and what’s the performance in which price also how they difference from windows and gaming series laptop .

In the starting Apple gives customers intel processor and when release M1 they give Apple own processor and that take milestone in case of performance and design of it’s chip leading improve efficiency and power management. This M1 was game changer in market with it’s high performance energy efficiency and seamless integration with MacOS .it’s offer users a robust and reliable computing experience.

Deep Dive into MacBook M1

Key Features and Specifications

The apple MacBook M1 comes with 8-Core CPU and 7 Core Gpu addon 16-Core Neural Engine This combination confirm that the M1 handle everything’s from simple task to complex with ease also offer up to 20 hours of battery life .

The MacBook M1 chip delivers outstanding performance whether you are editing videos running multiple applications or engaging in heavy task M1 handles it all task with unified memory architecture ensure superfast accessing data and enhancing overall performance. Users have praised the M1 MacBook for its flaming performance and long lasting battery life also gives sleek design .

Exploring MacBook M2

What’s New in M2?

The M2 chip builds on the foundation laid by the M1. With improved performance, enhanced graphics, and better energy efficiency, the M2 is a significant upgrade. It features a higher core count and supports more memory, making it ideal for demanding tasks.

The M2 chip builds on the basis of M1 with gives more performance enchanted graphics and better  energy efficient with significant have higher core and support memory with making high display quality , it makes high demand in market. Improved Features and Enhancements. The M2 introduces several enhancements, including support for higher resolution displays, improved neural engine capabilities, and better integration with macOS. These improvements make the MacBook M2 a powerhouse for both personal and professional use.

Comparison in M1 and M2


MacBook Air M1

MacBook Air M2





November 2020

June 2022


13.3” Retina display

13.3” Liquid Retina display


Apple M1 (5nm)

Apple M2 (5nm+)


8 cores (4 performance + 4 efficiency cores

8 cores (4 performance + 4 efficiency cores


7 / 8 cores GPU

8 / 10 cores GPU



8/16GB unified memory

8/16GB unified memory



256GB, 512GB



720p FaceTime HD

1080p FaceTime HD


49.9 Wh battery

52.6 Wh battery

Price In Nepal(8/256GB)




Pricing and Value for Money

While pricing for the M3 is not yet confirmed, Apple’s strategy usually offers value for money, especially considering the performance and features packed into these devices. The M1 and M2 have already proven to be worth their price, and the M3 is expected to follow suit.

Apple strategy usually offer value for money in the pricing of M series laptop of MacBook apple M1 comes in Nepal NPR.112000 , M2 Air pricing in Nepal with specification OF 8GB Unified memory and 256GB storage just for NPR.144000, While pricing for the M3 is in series is @ Npr. 200000.

Who Should Choose M series MacBook ?

The MacBook is super and perfect for users who want best in performance and long lasting battery life also want to multitasking and if you are student , working professional or tech enthusiastic the macbook gives balanced between power and affordability

Is M3 Worth the Wait?

If you are looking for the latest and greatest, waiting for the M3 might be worth it. With its expected innovations, the M3 will likely offer unparalleled performance and efficiency, making it a future-proof investment.

MacBook Accessories You Need

Enhance the user experience and experience of MacBook using we are suggest you some accessories like USB-C hub, external SSD, protective cases, and ergonomic stands. These accessories improve connectivity, storage, and usability.

Why Choose MacBook Over Others?

Choosing a MacBook means opting for reliability, top notch technology, and excellent customer support. The consistent updates and long-term value make MacBook’s a preferred choice for many users. Which gives to protect from online privacy give’s you privacy control setting. It ensure security by enabling file vault for disk encryption using strong password and activating the find My mac feature .


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